Sylvia. I write and drink and smoke and sleep.

there are so many things i should be doing

that i’m not

and i hate myself for it.

"Oh baby there is nothing more that I want than to have you crying in my arms at 3 a.m. I know it sounds awful, but I just want to hold you when you’re sad. I want to remind you that someone loves you. Even if it’s just me."
-m.n. (via sextingdad)

Your body rushes to meet me,
Embraces me beautifully on the beach.
Suddenly I am the sweet sand
Your tide has been waiting for.

We collapse and roll like waves,
Our hands crisscross in shell patterns.
We have made the sea jealous
And the tide begins to change.

Soon your love begins to flood,
The beaches are starting to drown.
I no longer hear the ocean,
My ears sense only rushing blood.

-Sylvia (via despawndent)